We offer a free consultation for you from the safety and comfort of your home with a Virtual meeting.

We offer a free consultation for you from the safety and comfort of your home with a Virtual meeting.

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By Appointment
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Multiple Properties and Million-Dollar Assets

Property division in divorce has the potential to become complex, particularly when it involves a significant amount of property and assets. If you and/or your spouse are high income earners, have amassed substantial property or assets or have another situation that puts you in a high net worth status, your divorce attorney should have ample experience handling complex property division.

At Angela Scarlato & Associates, P.C., P.C., we have more than 30 years of experience handling complex property division cases. To schedule a free consultation to discuss the specific facts of your case, please contact us online.

Understanding Equitable Distribution and High Net Worth

In New York, property, assets and debts are distributed under the law of equitable distribution. Division of assets and property begins with identifying marital and separate property. Once that has been established, the court must divide marital property according to thirteen factors which are set by law. However, you may make an agreement that is different that what a judge is required to do using different considerations. Our attorneys have extensive experience protecting the rights of wealthy clients, including physicians, attorneys, business owners, screenplay writers, professional musicians, models and TV celebrities. We strive to protect our clients’ rights and safeguard their future financial interests with respect to:

  • Marital homes
  • Real estate property and investments
  • Pensions
  • 401(k)s
  • Stocks
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Private practices
  • Licenses, certificates and degrees

Whenever necessary, we enlist help from business and financial professionals, including forensic accountants and business valuation experts. These experts provide us with a concise financial picture from which we can work.

Does Your Divorce Involve the Division of a Brooklyn Business? Contact a Lawyer to Schedule a free consultation.

Angela Scarlato & Associates, P.C., P.C., offers knowledgeable and comprehensive legal guidance to wealthy clients throughout Brooklyn and the surrounding five boroughs. If you are involved in a divorce and have concerns regarding the division of significant property and assets, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment. We can be reached at 718-683-1780 or you may contact us online.