We offer a free consultation for you from the safety and comfort of your home with a Virtual meeting.

We offer a free consultation for you from the safety and comfort of your home with a Virtual meeting.

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Can I Make Changes to a Divorce Order?

Issues involving child support, child custody and visitation, and other matters can arise long after a divorce decree is issued. When seeking a modification of these orders, it is vital to protect your rights and those of your children.

At Angela Scarlato & Associates, P.C., we believe in providing assertive representation designed to protect our clients’ rights and interests to the fullest degree possible.

We advise and represent clients’ post-judgment modification matters involving:

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Routine and Exceptional Modifications

Over time, one’s life situation and finances can change dramatically. Whether you are entitled to a modification of child support or maintenance is often a complex legal question which depends upon the specific language of your divorce agreement. If you have no agreement, but a judgment after trial the standard for modification is less onerous, in many cases, than a modification of an agreement. In these cases, Angela Scarlato & Associates, P.C. will carefully review all your documents and advise you as to your chances of success in seeking a modification.

Some situations such as a proposed parental relocation are far more complex and potentially contentious. Depending on circumstances, our lawyers may be able to negotiate with the other party to achieve a workable and mutually acceptable solution. But if there is no easy answer, these types of disputes will likely lead to litigation. Angela Scarlato & Associates, P.C. will assertively represent your interests in court in order to achieve your goal.

Questions About Modifications to Child Support, Custody and More?

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